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Find and receive Recommendations for Businesses from friends and other users on your home page of iRecommend.com

Build a great list of trusted businesses with your friends that will offer you great deals and do a great job and collect recommendations.

On iRecommend you will find bussinesses that are building there businesses on recommendations and offering great deals to their customers and customer's friends to collect recommendations.

You can find all your friends' recommendations and your recommendations on your home page of iRecommend.com. So you will never lose a good business contact information again.


  • Businesses you can trust - Recommended to friend by friends.

    Search and receive recommendations for tradesmen, restaurants, places to go, things to do and products you'll love. Recommendations from your friends and other users.

    Simply search for a business or product in the search bar. If your friends have recommended businesses they will be at the top of the results and then the highest recommended businesses will be next. All recommendations are from friends to friends resulting in recommendations and results you can trust. Visit their profiles to see if they are offering. Let the business know you found them on irecommend.com and the business will want to do a great job and offer a great deal to collect a recommendation from you.

    You can also browse categories, top recommended, vouchers and deals.

    Business recommendations you can trust - recommended by friends to friends.

  • Vouchers and deals you will only find on iRecommend.com

    Choose categories you would like to receive vouchers and deals for. You will only receive vouchers and deals you will want, and will love. We will not bombard you with emails for deals you do not want. You can find them on your home page of iRecommend.com.

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Build a business profile - it's free for life to businesses that build a profile now. Just build your profile and copy and paste IRC001 in to the discount code area after building your business profile. 
Offer a great Deal and if it's a great deal we will send it to all users that have chosen to receive that type of deal.
  • Automatic, Recommendation and Social Media Marketing.

    Once you have built a Business profile, you will receive a QR barcode for you stationery and an iRecommend button for your website. That allows you to collect recommendations with an click of a button.

    The recommendation will go, on average, to 200 of their friends on social media and allow them to find your business on their home page of irecommend.com when they need your business.

    One recommendation from a friend is worth a 1000 great reviews from people you don't Know.

    When people see your recommendation from their friend they will remember it and know were to find you business when they need it.


  • Get collecting Recommendation with a click of a button!

    Every recommendation you collect will go, on avarge, to 200 of their friends on social media. All their freinds will know they can find your business on their home page of iRecommend.com when they need your business.

    When people search their friends' recommendations are at the top then beeath are businesses with the highest recommendations from other users. If their friends have not recommended a business that they are searching for, the businesses with the highest recommendations will be at the top.

    So what are you waiting for? Build a business profile today.